Saturday, 31 December 2016


The year of ups and downs. The year where I need to separate with a lot of my friends due to the certain things that took place. The year where I cried a lot and still crying. The year where everything had changed and won't be the same anymore. The year where my family received quite a lot of good news. But most and foremost, this year is the year where He decided to surround a lot of good and nice people around me. Alhamdulillah, for the blessing He gave when I was at my lowest and kind of forgetting the good thing that took place around me.

2016 is all about having extra problems but the solutions He provided, also came in an extra amounts. I don't know how to describe this in words but I am grateful for what I had experienced before in 2016. I know that it is a learning process for me and to adapt in the world that I am currently in now, takes a lot of effort, energy, tears coming down and the mixed emotions and feelings that you will somehow need to face.

The year where I graduated from my diploma and be extra grateful for its final result. The year where I got the opportunity to be a teacher for about a half year long. The year where I got a lot of warm wishes and prayers from my kids. The year where I met a lot of successful yet humble people. I would love to cherish them in my prayers and will always pray that I will always have a chance to visit them when I had the time. 

Alhamdulillah, for the new things that came and new people that I just knew. It's still new and it's still too early to judge. I hope that this new life I have will result in a great end as this will lead me to my next life which is my career and probably up to another level of having my partner around (In Syaa Allah, I need to have a Master and a firm career first hehehehe) Ameeenn. Well, it's not a sin to daydream for a while hahahaha

To be extra honest, I do miss my old life I had in KL before but I know those moments won't come again as everything has changed now. My friends and I have separated in any ways possible. Alhamdulillah, up until now, we are still in contact with each other. Not to really contact everybody each day, but we know what life has been doing for that individual.

As I grow up, I realise that friendship takes effort to maintain and it might be hard to do that when you are away from everyone. My circle might have been small compared to before but I am all good and absorbing all of the positive vibes near me. I learnt that it's always good to have old friends as your support system. I know, they are struggling for their future too. So, to all of my good friends of mine, I wish you all the best and may Allah gives you courage to face everything that you need to face. Ameeeen. We will meet when the time comes. We just need to trust His timing.

As for now, I'm still adapting and struggling in this new environment I chose. I need your kind prayers to pray for my success in here. I aim for the success in both dunya' and akhirah. It sounded cliche, but believe me, we are all living in the cliche world. As a Muslim, we know the end of our day but we are still running towards something that only provide us a temporary happiness (and yes, that includes me too). He knows best, you gotta believe Him for the process :) 
Good bye, 2016!

p/s: I still have two more papers await me for my first final examination in here. Doakan I ace that with flying colors and hati yang tenang masa jawab exam, Ameeeeen. 

Till then, 
Hanani Fauzi