Thursday, 11 February 2016

Degree Syndromes

Future is surely a thing now! Nope, it’s not a normal thing but it is a very serious thing. I’ve been thinking about what life going to promise me in the next 3 to 4 years. It’s not that I’m having a trust issue with myself but one thing for sure is I can’t stop thinking about it even though I’m trying my best to forget it. 

Being a teacher for a month now have open my mind and soul on how hard it is, to be an educator. It is indeed true that you are like your students’ hands and foot, their sisters, parents and most and foremost, you are their trusted one. Sometimes in class and they are not in a good condition, they will cry for you, upon assembly and they can’t find their line, they will come to you. During recess and if their food scattered around, they will quickly come to you. Yes, that’s how the kids are. They have varieties of behaviors. 

But, some things that you don’t realize, you will love how clingy they are as they need your attention. I love to teach pupils but I am not sure myself if this is a right way. Now that I’m going to finish this soon, I don’t have a clear path yet. I’m quite torn with variety of courses, universities and sorts. 

To be living in this sickly economical years and you need to face the mixture of political thingy with educational stuff is not one of the best thing that someone could wish. 

I know it’s going to be very hard soon, so it’s okay to be real worried about the future. I know this kind of degree and future stuff started to hit me real hard when I was having an awkward conversations with my parents. Ya ka awkward? Ntah, might be. Well, let’s that stay between me and them. I’m not going to let them down, twice. Mixture of feeling came and I started to lose myself.

But, one thing that have come to my realization is, 
Future is always scary. No matter how old you are, you will never know your ending. But, that’s how life is. It is full of surprises.”

Some of the responses that I have gotten and wanted to share them all 

“Toksahlah dok pikiaq. Hang dah lulus dah pun. Hahahah so chill. Nak perfect semua pun mana buleh cek oi, that’s how life works.”

“Awat dok kata lagu tu. Rezeki luas. Tak cuba mana kita nak tau. In Shaa Allah okay semuanya.”

“Bila kita mengajar, kita akan nampak diri kita kat students kita. So helping them is the same as helping yourself.Basically it’s a reflection of yourself.”

 “Baru seronok hidup ada turun naik. Kalau happy manjang kita takdak pengalaman.”

“Tak yah fikir lagi. Tuhan kan ada. Buat apa persoalkan benda future.”

 “You're nearly there. Tak lama lagi nak abis dah dan grad. Nowadays, as long as you have diploma, you can go to explore the career opportunities dah. Degree doesn’t promise anything. Hard work does.”

" Tapi, keep your options wide, have back up options, other than english courses, explore more"

"Course apa pun sekarang sama je susah dapat kerja. Belajar kerana ilmu bukan kerana nak cari kerja."

Countless of  good words have been received by me  from quite a favorite persons. Their words sometimes heal the overthinking and sorts. All in all, it is okay to be afraid but you must do something to correct it and make it better. May Allah ease everything for all of us! 

p/s : And i'm still struggling to find a clear path for my future