Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Maxisegar Warriors

It saddens me a bit that 11 of us are going to separate very soon. We are going through the practicum stuffs in just a few weeks. Time surely flies as we’ve been knowing each other for almost 3 years now. We’ve been placing everywhere for our practicum next year. Scattering to the environment with several of new people will never be easy. Ampang, Putrajaya, Cheras, Kajang and etc,etc, you just name it… 

In Shaa Allah, I’m going to cherish each and every one of you in my everyday prayers. Maybe He is putting us away for a good reason. We are so going to spend time together, for at least once a month. I don’t mind driving back and forth to your place as long as I can meet all of you. Hmm..the fact that the 11 of us are not staying together anymore next year, hurt me a little. We might not own the same lifestyle and happiness that we’ve shared before in a previous years. The struggle to face that is real. 

There are lots of remembrances that we’ve created together throughout the years we’ve been spending together. I did a lot of cool things with them like; pranking others, make a joke/parody about something, crazy food hunting, and other stupid yet funny and a little bit considered as smart things that were so great and suit everyone. Wowwww damn, that’s good old time. There’s a lot………and we are all went insane sometimes.Words can’t describe how hard it’s going to be… Well, I dislike the ending because it’s always ended up frustrate me. 

So, at the end of the day, people will leave. It doesn’t matter on how long you’ve been knowing them as some things or people that befall not to be with you, won’t be with you even if you have put a lot of effort in that.

My last words for all of you is “Be a good teacher. May Allah ease us all and may the odds will always be in our favor.” I have a great girl’s group over here and I’m proud with each and every one of them. There’s always a hidden story behind everyone background and so do them. Till then, take care my Maxisegar Warriors. 

I’m leaving all of you with Quote of the Month:‘Everything that happened in this world is called as aturan Tuhan. That’s why lah “Kita hanya merancang but Allah yang menentukan dan sebaik-baik perancangan” tu exist. It’s exist for this kind of reason.’

Lots of love,

Hanani Fauzi 
12/8/2015, 23:38 p.m.