Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Weird Stuff

I was sitting alone, waiting for my turn to change my bank card and update my information for that bank. As I waited patiently, I opened my zipper of my handbag and I took my new book which I’ve bought during the book fest that was held in DK Foyer, month ago. I flipped through few pages and began to read. I need to wait for another hour as the process took a long time and unlucky me, that day was quite chaotic as everybody wants to change their card. I started to read, I am lost in my own world. After 15 minutes of reading, someone slowly approached me and said that he needs to sit next to me. I smiled and made ways for him. I continued reading and after 5 minutes, he started to start the conversation with me.

“ Baca buku apa tu nak?”
Of course, I have some judgement inside of me. He is a stranger and of course I freaked out as I didn’t know him. What if, he is a bad man?
“Ni. Diagnosis”, I replied it with the smiles even though I was scared at that time; while showing him the cover of the book I read.
I continued reading and again, he asked.
“Dah lama ka rabun?”
I nodded my head and said “Ya, pak cik. Kenapa?”
“ Balik amalkan surah …. rendam daun cabai…. pastu minum ayaq tu. Kena berterusan dan yakin. In Syaa Allah, Allah pulihkan.”
I cannot actually remember what the surah (s) are, but I think he said stuff like {surah lazim, Al-Fatihah and selawat and niat mintak Allah get rid of this penyakit} because I was still in shock at that time. I just smiled and he said,
“Balik lah buat. Bagitau mak.”
I replied him with “In Syaa Allah.”

I closed my book as it is quite inappropriate for me to read and that uncle was giving me the words of advice. We were in silence for a while until he asked.
“Selalu sakit kepala? Pak cik tengok muka anak ni macam cepat sangat susah hati kat perkara yang tak penting.”
I went speechless all the way to answer him. I put a smile on that question. My heart was beating; how can he possibly knows that I am having a problem now. My facial expression changed and that uncle started to give me the words of advice. He’s been touching about a lot of things. He gave me a lot of advises and I couldn’t explain it by words, on how lucky am I. Indeed, you cross path with someone for a reason.

As for me, this is not a first time. For this year, it’s actually my third time experiencing this. The first time happened in Tesco. I was waiting for a good friend of mine. I was messed up at that time. I did not get Medsi interview. It is an examination that one needs to take before going for an interview for any educational related studies. Of course, I was frustrated at that time. It’s happening on Ramadhan this year and few of my close friends know how messed up am I at that time.  Back to the story, as I waited for my dear friend to come, I seated at the food court. There’s this one old man, sat next to me at a different table. At that kind of age, he reminded me a lot to my late grandfather.

I seated alone, scrolling through my phone with the mixture of feelings and emotions. He witnessed that facial expression of mine…. It is frequently changed and then I can feel that this tokwan was looking at me. I smiled at him and he asked “Orang mana?” and the rest is history. That conversation was not that long but somehow the impact given is still sticking with me.

My second time of experiencing this happened during Ramadhan as well. I would glad to say that this Ramadhan was a turning point for me. I met a lot of characters in the mosque, mingling around with the ‘qariah’ around my home and it brings a lot of memorable experiences for me. I have my personal favourite place in the mosque where I came and performed my solat sunat first. There’s this one day, came this one nenek, she sat next to me and smiled at me. She reminded me a lot of my late grandmother. After I have finished performing my solat, I shook her hand. She smiled and replied it with a forehead kiss. For someone whom been longing a forehead kiss from both of my late grandparents’, I felt bless at that time. We began to talk and after that night, she has been my partner while in the saf. She told me a lot of things and I learnt a lot from her. The sad thing is, I don’t know what had happened to her now. I wish to see her again next year, if Allah permits that.

It was a lie if I said that I didn’t miss both of my grandparents’ from the both sides of my family. This Ramadhan felt so weird but bless. I lost one of my atuk saudara a week before the Ramadhan ended. It was one of the tragic loss in my family. But, I believe in a power of ‘Kun Fa Ya Kun’.

I went to my aunt’s home a few days before I left home for USM. She knows how I’ve been longing for that unis. When I was about to leave, she hugged me and she said stuff like ‘belajar elok elok’ and etc.
‘Tiap tiap hari dalam sujud, kat tempat aunt mengaji, lepas habeh semayang, aunt doakan kamu sebab kamu selalu cakap kamu nak masuk situ sebab dekat dengan parents, kamu dah tak mau dok jauh macam dulu so that jadi apa senang nak balik. Hari hari aunt mintak Allah permudahkan untuk kamu. Niat kamu baik, aunt tau Allah akan bagi.’

One thing that touch my entire heart and I was about to burst at that time but my mom was there so I’m holding that. At that time, I started to realize that it’s not always about my prayers. When you do good things and express what you want with your sincere heart, Allah will surely help you.

I took a long day thinking why these kind of things happening to me. At the end of the day, I started to realize that I always ask Him to guide me and He is sending these kind of people as a guidance for me. I know whomever that might cross path with me is actually teaching me something, even though they are just strangers.

I have never imagined that I would be this kind of thinker during my age. Experiences do a lot of changes in me. I am now in a process of searching for myself. Every experience that Allah has let you in, there must be lie something beneath that. I feel like giving up in here, but I know He’s planning something good for me. I know he must have been putting me, close to that person for a reason.

“You are exactly where Allah wants you to be right now. Every experience is part of his divine plan.”